Some questions
1) How would anonymous users get to their 'talk pages' on mobile? (note
talk pages are /enabled/ just not surfaced in the UI) and do we have any
evidence anons read them?
2) The majority of MobileFrontend developers are wrapping up projects in
the last two weeks (Extension:Gather and Extension:Wikigrok). To meet this
March release date who will be responsible for enabling this feature and
the work that involves?
3) What does success/failure look like? i.e. under what circumstances could
the feature be disabled. It's good to make this clear so there is no
confusion about when to do this.
4) To be clear, it seems from the feedback you gave me on the meta wiki
proposal talk page that there are no plans at present to enrich the feature
in any way. This is simply a case of turning the feature on. Can you
confirm this? New feature development = time for code review, so I want to
be sure this is not going to become a strain on the development team I am
part of.

Please be sure to enable this feature correctly. With Italian Wikipedia a
cache flush was required and this shouldn't be needed and will not be
allowed on English Wikipedia and other larger projects.

Note: The talk page did not help upload errors in past. Only logged in
users could upload and they had easy access to their talk pages via Echo
On 20 Mar 2015 1:01 am, "Federico Leva (Nemo)" <> wrote:

> See for details.
> Quoting from the discussion: «As of today, there is broad consensus in
> support of the proposal, as discussed by an ample spectrum of users active
> in multiple wikis. Several users stressed that: talk page access is
> crucial, to ensure communication with mobile users; errors of the past,
> like the mobile uploads campaign, must not be repeated; local and global
> effects in terms of (un)productive contributions will be under constant
> monitoring and re-evaluation per the usual processes.»
> Nemo
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