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please find the Wikimedia Foundation's report for the fourth quarter
of the past fiscal year at

Quoting below the foreword by Terry:

We are pleased to bring you the Wikimedia Foundation’s Quarterly
Report for Q4 of the 2014/15 fiscal year. This is the third report
since we switched from a monthly cycle, to align with our quarterly
goal setting process. We are continuing to optimize the report’s
format and the organization’s quarterly review process that the report
is based on, to bring you better information at a lower overhead for
the teams that take out time from their work to tell you how they have
been doing. Participation in the review process is good and growing.

This issue includes some new pieces of information, e.g. the
approximate size of each team (in FTE, on average during this
quarter), and for each objective, the number of team members who were
involved with a significant amount of their time. The overall metrics
scorecard now contains new, more reliable uptime numbers for both
readers and contributors.

As before, we are including an overview slide summarizing successes
and misses across all teams. In a mature 90 day goal setting process,
the “sweet spot” is for about 75% of goals to be a success.
Organizations that are meeting 100% of their goals are not typically
setting aggressive goals.

Terry Gilbey, Chief Operating Officer

Tilman Bayer
Senior Analyst
Wikimedia Foundation
IRC (Freenode): HaeB

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