Dear Wikimedia friends,

Following Christian’s invitation, I will now provide you with
information regarding program and next steps of the Wikimedia
Conference. A more detailed version of this email can be found on
Meta. Please use the talk pages for your questions and comments.[1]

== One core theme: Movement Impact ==
Wikimedia Conference 2016 will focus on the core theme of “Movement
Impact”. All sessions and contributions will have to add to this
theme. Throughout the conference, we will work together on the
following core questions:

How do we define common impact of the movement? What does impact mean
on a global and on a local level?
How do we measure impact? How can impact measurement help us to
prioritize our actions?
What programs have proven to be successful in terms of generating
impact? How can they be replicated and how do we scale them up?
How do other nonprofit organizations define and measure impact? What
can we learn from them?

Cornelius (Program and Engagement Coordinator, PEC) and I will work
with the Program Advisors, the Thematic Ambassadors, the facilitators
as well as the participants to create the conference program.

== How to select the delegates ==
WMCON is all about participation. To make the conference a success it
will be essential for the invited affiliates to deliberately select
their delegates. Participants should come to Berlin to learn and to
share, but also to bring the information and learnings back home. We
are seeking delegates who will be actively engaged before, during and
after the conference and can represent their affiliates. Ideal
delegates are those who are involved in the decision making processes
in the organization, evaluation specialists, or program leaders.

== Eligibility criteria and number of delegates ==
To be eligible to attend WMCON16, affiliates must have shown signs of
recent activity and be up-to-date on their reporting[2] by January 1.
Moreover, affiliates need to have been officially recognized by the
Wikimedia Foundation before December 1, 2015. An eligibility criteria
overview will be published next week. Chapters and Thematic
Organizations can send two delegates, or up to four, if they have paid
staff; User Groups can send one delegate.

== How to prepare for the registration ==
Registration opens December 1 and closes on January 15. Please note
that this is a sharp deadline. In the months between the registration
and WMCON, the PEC will work with the registered participants on
elaborating the program of the Wikimedia Conference. Because we want
to build the program to fit participant needs and experiences, we
would like to learn a little more about your interests in advance. We
have published an overview of questions[3] that we will use in the
registration form. Please make yourself familiar with these questions
already, as they can also help you to select the delegates.

== What’s next ==
We will open the registration on December 1 and send out further
information on logistical matters such as travel and accommodation
booking. Daniela Gentner will be the main contact for all questions
regarding the logistics, you can reach out to her via

I am looking forward to welcoming many of you in Berlin in April next year.



Nicole Ebber
Referentin Internationale Beziehungen
Adviser to the ED, International Relations

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