Hello All -

My name is Kelly Bodnar Battles and I am honored to have joined the
Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees in January of this year.

Professionally, I am a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and a material part
of my near term Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) Board responsibilities will be
to chair the Audit Committee.  Currently, the voting members of the Audit
Committee are myself, Alice Wiegand, María Sefidari and Denny Vrandečić.
WMF’s CFO and Treasurer Jaime Villagomez is also an important stakeholder
on this committee as well.

As you may know, we have the precedent of having non-voting members (please
see role definition below) from outside the board participate in the Audit
Committee as well.  Toward that end, I would like to:

-      First and foremost, thank Matt Bisanz, Michael Snow, Abhijith
Jayanthi, Ben Creasy and Florian Gerl for participating in this committee
as non-voting members in the recent past.

-      Request that if you are interested (or know of other volunteers in
the community who may be interested) in serving in this capacity for this
next cycle (from selection through June 2017), please send to me at this
email address (kbatt...@wikimedia.org) your resume, the top 3 reasons why
you want to do this and the top 3 things you will add to the Audit

-      Propose the following steps and timeline for the selection process:

   -      Candidates submit their interest and the above information to me
no later than April 15

   -      The Audit Committee will interview top 4 candidates by May 10

   -      The Audit Committee will select the top 2 candidate by May 15

   -      Selected candidates join the Audit committee by June 1 and attend
July Audit Committee meeting

-      Outline the following important preferences for candidates
interested in this role:

   -      5+ years of operational finance and or accounting experience

   -      Solid understanding of the mission and operations of WMF

   -      Prior executive or board experience

   -      CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or MBA (Masters in Business
Administration), or equivalent earned

   -      Capacity to commit an estimated 20-30 hours annually to attend
both quarterly and other ad-hoc meetings, prepare or review required
materials, and interact with committee, staff and/or board as required.

Once again, I am thrilled to be part of this amazing organization. Thank
you for the warm welcome I have received so far.



See link for Audit Committee charter


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