Hi everyone.

This June, Wikimedia Mexico will run the editathon* 72 hours with Rodin* a
huge journey from June 9 to 12 at Museo Soumaya[1]. This time we're trying
to break our previous record (60 continuous hours), this time we're trying
to achieve an even greater marathon: more than 70 continuous hours editing
Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Wikisource. We are celebrating
the arrival to the museum of one of Auguste Rodin's masterpieces: ''The
Gates of Hell'', so, we will have a celebration about art and free
knowledge which will include talks, theater pieces, guided tours, workshops
and fun time activities as karaoke nights. You saw it at Wikimania,
Wikimedia Mexico volunteers love fun also :) The museum will be open also
to public during that 72 hours.

The editathon will focus on Auguste Rodin works and the Museo Soumaya
collections, but beyond that we have higher goals like completing the full
list of museums in Mexico and at least 50 biographies on importan women in
art and feminism as part of our permanent and transversal Gender Gap
Reduction Strategy. In this list (in Spanish)[2] you can find more about
the event and the list of articles. As in other editathons at Museo
Soumaya[3], we are inviting all Wikimedia chapters and affiliates to join
this effort and support us translating articles to more languages. As you
can see in the list, this time we are doing a detailed logistic which
involves pairing Wikimedia Mexico volunteers with museum staff (researchers
and/or curators), aiming to increase experience of the museum’s staff on

*72 hours with Rodin* will pursuit to set a new record and it’s an event
prepared since January, escalating in intensity since two months ago with
the coordination by Andrés Cruz y Corro (User:Andycyca), head of volunteers
in Wikimania 2015. As a matter of fact, 60% of the Wikimania 2015 Yellow
Army will be present on the event.

We will love to have support from Wikimedia community in the translation of
the articles produced in the editathon to more languages of the globe.
Please don’t hesitate if you want to join the editathon!


Iván Martínez
Wikimedia Mexico


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