WikiConference North America 2016
7-10 October 2016, San Diego, CA, USA

WikiConference North America (formerly WikiConference USA) is the third
annual conference on the North American continent devoted to Wikipedia and
other Wikimedia projects. The weekend will feature both academic and casual
presentations on Wikimedia-related outreach activities, workshops to
improve the skills of grassroots organizers, and discussions on the past,
present, and future of the Wikimedia projects. The conference features
offerings about community outreach, online activity, partnerships with
institutions of knowledge, and technology. Keynote speakers are scheduled
to include Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation,
and Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Program Officer of OCLC Research. The last
day of the conference will feature programming coinciding with Indigenous
Peoples' Day.

Registration for the conference is now open.  You can register at

Scholarships partially covering costs of travel and attendance are
available for active contributors to Wikimedia projects.  Apply by August
23rd for scholarships at

This is a volunteer run conference and volunteers are needed for any number
of tasks.  If you are attending, please consider volunteering for at

We seek presentations addressing topics related to Wikipedia or open access
and culture. Presentations may be from any discipline regarding any
relevant topic. Please submit a description of your proposed presentation
using our online submission process at  If you are interested in
participating in the peer-reviewed academic track, see our call for
academic submissions at

- Sydney Poore (User:FloNight) and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
(User:Rosiestep), conference organizers
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