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> Hello everyone,
> The next Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting will take
> place on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM UTC (11 AM PDT). The IRC
> channel is #wikimedia-office on, and the meeting will be
> broadcast as a live YouTube stream.[1]
> During the July metrics meeting, we'll hear from staff and outside
> speakers about how Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement are perceived and
> understood by the world. We’ll hear about research findings and interviews
> with community members and staff related to Wikipedia users and the
> Wikimedia brand.
> Meeting agenda:
> * Welcomes, theme introduction
> * Movement update
> * Why people read Wikipedia, and why they don’t
> * discovery findings
> * Questions and discussion
> * Wikilove
> Please review
> metrics_and_activities_meetings
> for further information about the meeting and how to participate.
> We’ll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.
> Thank you,
> Lena
> [1]
> Lena Traer
> Project Assistant // Communications // Advancement
> Wikimedia Foundation

*July 27, 2017 metrics meeting -- Movement update Appendix *

WikiCite 2017
* WikiCite is a proposal to build a bibliographic database in Wikidata to
serve all Wikimedia projects.
* 94 participants from 62 different organizations, including universities,
archives, open knowledge orgs, and several Wikimedia organizations.
* A program geared towards turning past experiences and future visions into
concrete actions: understanding what tools are needed to centralize
citations on Wikidata; potential collaborations with other research fields,
like Medicine; and other topics.
* More information:

Wiki Loves Earth 2017
* An international photographic competition to collect photos of natural
heritage sites all over the world.
* 37 countries uploaded over 108,000 pictures. Germany, Ukraine and
Pakistan among the top ten countries contributing to the contest.
* National competitions are running until June 30. International winners
announced by the end of September.
* More information:

Conferences in June and July

* Iberoconf 2017 was held in June in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It brought
together affiliates from Latin America, Spain and Italy, to build a shared
understanding of the value of the network and how to become stronger
together. More information:
* The group also submitted a statement letter with a plea to democratize
the movement from a communications perspective, both allowing more
inclusion of languages other than English in key communications and
exchanges, and also promoting stories about collective impact.

* WikiWomen Camp 2017 was held in Mexico City in July, and it brought
together women from different countries in the Wikimedia movement, to focus
on the gender gap. More information:
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