2008/11/13 Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> 2008/11/12 Enoch Lau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Regulation 12.38 says "A person" cannot use it for commercial purposes -
> so
> > this appears like it applies to anyone, even third party re-users.
> However,
> > this restriction, I think, would only apply to Australian persons.
> >
> Let's say "Persons who are subject to the jurisdiction of Australia".
> Read: A foreigner living in Australia or reusing it in an Australian
> context (Australian webhosting company, whatever) will also be liable.
> Furthermore, if, say, a British newspaper prints such a picture and
> afterwards, editions of the newspaper are sold through Australian
> newsagents, someone might run into problems as well (the newspaper,
> its local affilitate company, whomever)

But these are details...certainly a French person reusing the pictures
> in France wouldn't be held accountable.

Would it matter is Australia had a bilateral treaty regarding these things
with France? Does anyone know if any of these type of treaties exist?

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