I like the 2 members per org that donates over an arbitrary amount like
$200, this would give larger donations some degree of recognition. Also
remember that many businesses donate to community groups particularly
sporting groups and getting only recognition(inc advertising) in a

All organisations that have donated need to be listed, at least in these
early stages we should be 100% open.  As a member I'm going to support
business that support WM-au knowing who these business are makes that

Additional transparency could be achieved by creating a group of editors
that can be approached to review articles associated with a subject that
donates, to ensure that the articles haven't been influence ie a WM-au COI

As an immediate potential use of such donations is that WMAU could pay the
costs of Brianna attending a Wiki-wednesday in Sydney. We could print a
substancial amount of
the brouchers and have them in the stand at the PowerHouse Museum entrance.
Lets be realistic WMAU would benefit more from these corporate donations
than the corporates would. As long as we arent "out on the street
soliciting" for donations then we arent going to create a dependency on

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