I wouldnt support it being it tied to a"donation" but its a definitely
something to explore because possibilities to obtain information from
corporate archives, get photographs from inside the gate are worth the
effort. This is where a sister project could be useful in being able to
offer the services of reviewing the article after the edits have occurred
ensuring that the article remains neutral.

As an example somewhere like the Powerhouse Museum it'd great for someone to
be able to go in and photograph some of the displayed items(especially with
open cases) along with some of the stuff in the archives and protective

The reverse side of the equation could be approaching
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Media_Restoration to do a
digital restoration of an image in the Powerhouse archives and then that
becomes available for our article and the museum can then display a copy the
original and a print of the restored version giving credit to editor and to
WMAU for donating the resources.

Think of the images we could obtain and how much that could improve articles
just by being able to access some of the manufacturing plants. Wouldnt an
image of the Ford & Holden production lines, a coke bottling plant, the
set/studio of Neighbours, Inside Peters Ice cream factory be amazing. What
about having free portrait images for Politicians, Actors, Sportsmen imagine
being able to photograph inside the fence of Longbay, the chambers of
parliament house, from ontop of the roof of the Opera house or the change
rooms of the G on boxing day. Be on the field taking photographs during a
training session, think how often such images would be reuse outside the
projects with a CC-by-3.0 license attribution to the Photographer and
Wikipedia in a national magazines.........

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