This is what I was trying to get at. Hence why I said that the
organisations who we'd work with wouldn't necessarily be donors (and
probably often wouldn't, since then there wouldn't *be* any mixing of
money and editing). And let's put it this way - would you rather us
having a section on an article's talk page that says "These people
gave WMAu members this information, and these sources, which we've
used to fix up this part of the article", or read another article in
the newspapers that says "A leak from such-and-such says that this
organisation was paying <RANDOM PERSON> to clear out the bad press in
their Wikipedia article"? Of course I recognise that any organisation
is going to want to turn their article into free advertising, but the
trick will be to make sure that they are made aware, right at the
beginning, that they will have zero control over the final content of
the article, but hopefully a few of them will be smart enough to
realise that there can still be a net benefit for them even if half of
the article is critical of them.


2008/11/13 Liam Wyatt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Wow - that's one damn long sentence! :-)
> I agree entirely - this is what I was getting at with the idea of the
> "backstage tour". An organisation shows members of WM-Au around some part
>  of its facilities that are not normally accessible and we then donate some
> time to improving their article (and teaching them how to improve articles
> on the topic that that organisation knows about). This would be a really
> tangible benefit of WM-Au membership.
> To respond to Andrew Garrett's concern "Money and articles don't mix" - this
> does not mean "give us money and we will improve your article". Rather,
> those organisations that are interested in working with us (whether they are
> donors *or not*) can share their expertise and we share our expertise back -
> a win win. It is just more than likely that the organisation that wants to
> be a member is the same kind of organisation that wants to give us a
> backstage tour.
> Under no circumstances would it be a situation where they pay to have access
> to our editing abilities/time.
> -Liam

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