This is essentially what I suggested, but with a lower fee for the
sponsors. On reflection I think that something like $100, just above the
cost of 2 individual subscriptions would be fine. Anything over would be
covered by calling it a donation as Nick says.

It is important to recognise that sponsorship might not be the only
relationship we have with organisations. We could have all sorts of
relationship on a one-off basis with organisations that are not
sponsors, but only sponsors would have the right to nominate two people
to be members. In some cases, the organisation would not give us
anything other than access, advice or or other non-cash benefit to WMAU.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 11:17:29PM +1000, Nick Perkins wrote:
> This should be embraced and as soon as possible.
> There should be a organisation member level with a set fee and set
> rights/privileges. This might include 2 votes and listing on the chapter
> wiki. All organisations become members at this level and cost. The fee
> should be x times the individual membership fee, so that it keeps parity
> with other member fees. I'd be personally happy with 2 to 3 times ($80 -
> $120).
> Further donations could (and should) be received but only as donations,
> without fear or favour and without any expectation of extra
> rights/privileges.
> This allows organisations of all sizes to become members and those who want
> to donate funds/resources etc above that have the option. However they need
> to understand that they don't get anything special for that (other than
> appropriate acknowledgment of the support).

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