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> > I think we could invent a term, although I'm not about to. The trick
> > is having a precisely strong enough - and no stronger - definition...
> >
> "Communism"? Perhaps Anarchist-communism in particular. I've always
> had the idea that the whole free culture idea can be compared to
> various aspects of communism, but in a very different light, and under
> new management. I've always wondered why it's never mentioned much;
> does it not cross the mind, or are people sub-consciously or actively
> avoiding the word? Too many negative connotations.

AIUI, Communism involves pushing all assets to the state to manage -
Free culture is nothing like that. Everything is pulled back to the

*reflects* I should go and look at [[Communism]] at some point...

> If all else fails we could just put the definition as the title, but
> there's still no clear definition. Is it free as in beer or free as in
> speech? Perhaps both? "Gratis et Libre" sounds cool but it's far too
> fancy for the masses.

FWIW, I would *never* buy a book{let} with that cover.

> What about the folks at CCau? I wonder what they've been thinking
> regarding the title.

That would be interesting to find out.


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