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> I try to sell it as, so long as it complies with Wikipedia policies (i.e.
> is neutral - a face and shoulders shot or whatever is great), they're
> releasing a photo to us which is higher quality than anything our volunteers
> would be able to snap themselves. Also gives a great opportunity to explain
> what Wikipedia is about, demolish a few myths, and etc.

I can do the photos without any problems and of quality as a good as any
other "professional" photographer(I'm happy to release them under free
licenses) all we need is the opportunity to take them in a controlled
setting rather than some media scrum at a door opening. From what I've seen
on Commons there are a number of people across the country already
contributing to the projects who could also take quality photos

I'm available to work with you if we can get some of them in the one place
at the one time, will talk more about this on the 29th.

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