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> I propose a change from WM-au to WM-brianna [?] :P
> Seriously this is great work thats Brianna is doing, maybe WM-au could
> develop a list of likely suspects that Brianna(anyone else) can call on
> assist at/with such workshops.
> Also if someone is doing a workshop with people editing Wikipedia a notice
> to let those of us that maybe lurking to keep an eye out for edits. That way
> the people participating dont get bitten or worse but instead recieve
> welcome templates, maybe even a WP:Aust welcome template could be made for
> such events with links to WMA, Wikiproject:AUST, and the notice board for
> getting help to further encourage them.

Thankyou Gnangarra :)

It turns out to be ridiculously easy to score a speaking gig at an education
conf. So I do really recommend other people give it a shot.

I did mention that if teachers organise editing projects, they should post
on the talk page or the appropriate wikiproject to let Wikipedians know
what's going on -- but I more emphasise that there are lots of types of
class projects where students can interact with Wikipedia content that don't
need to be article writing projects. I think that is a very difficult task,
because you have the triple whammy of subject content, wiki software and
wiki community. So I talk about referencing and reviewing/evaluating
projects where a teacher could post a summary of the classes' findings on
the talk page at the end of the project.

I think it would be cool to develop a little case studies booklet basically
with details of <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:SUP> and some more
ideas. I think that would potentially be very helpful for teachers.

But it is a bit further down the list of things I would like to do, at the
moment. :)


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:


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