I could argue as a politics student and history enthusiast that those
countries, with the exception of Germany, are not federal in structure and
so this becomes an argument of federalism vs centralism. and yes, in answer
to Bao Loc, I believe SA and VIC have the best education systems in
Australia, speaking as a Western Australian with no investment in any state
but my own, primarily because of innovative developments and ideas which
have been implemented - and, unlike in my state, haven't gone belly up -
over the last 15 years in both states. Victoria was the first state in
Australia to use Common Assessment Tasks as a basis for assessment and oddly
a lot of the CAT stuff has ended up in other states in some form although
not as an official part of the system - but they're well designed and
flexible. SA has a multiplicity and diversity of approaches that answers the
needs of varied levels of ability, particularly at the year 11-12 stage. NSW
effectively has the system all three states left behind 10-15 years ago in
almost its pure form. Students who come here from NSW (and I worked at a
school with quite a few of them at one stage) have a real hard time
adapting, even the bright ones - our system is less rigid and prescriptive
and it's a different mindset they need to manage within it. But this is a
Wikimedia Australia mailing list so I'll respect that we are going off
topic. :)


2008/12/1 Liam Wyatt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I think regardless of your opinion of the relative merits of the various
> high-school matriculation exams, none of the states will be relinquishing
> control of their system to the federal gov't any time soon.
> I am very happy with the quality of the NSW HSC programme and cannot speak
> for the quality of any of the other States, but I would swap that in a
> second for a truly national curriculum/programme. IMO it is ridiculous for a
> nation of <25M people to have 5+ education systems that are not compatible.
> Russia has 1 for its huge landmass. France, Germany, England (and presumably
> many Asian countries) have 1 each and they have far more students than we
> do. Why can't we - because the Constitution says so... Bah!
> -Liam
> On 12/1/08, Bao-Loc Nguyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> "There are state politics and rivalries involved and in particular South
>> Australia and Victoria will refuse to go backwards to accommodate NSW"
>> You're saying you think SA has a stronger system than NSW?
>> Or that SA define going backwards as going forwards or vice versa
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