Just answering my own question of 10 minutes ago, I found an FAQ for
who needs a blue card in QLD, and it affirmed my guess. We're exempt
if it's for guest speaking.


Specifically, you don't need a card If you are "a volunteer guest of a
school or registered charity, incorporated association or corporation
for 10 days or less on no more than two occasions per year for the
purpose of observing or supplying information or entertainment to 10
or more people, who is unlikely to be physically present with a child
while no other adult is present"

As I presumed before, a blue card's not required. There are probably
slight variations according to each state, but I bet that it's the
same general idea.

For something further, like a workshop for how to use wikis, would
probably require a card though. I don't know about the "approved
visitor" list from the department, but that means we could personally
have two lists, depending on what we wish to do. People who can do
volunteer speaking, and those who can do works in actual classes.

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 5:26 PM, Zero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What do you mean it's not required for WMA purposes, though? Do you
> mean that the check probably isn't needed because this is just guest
> speaking? It's not like we're undertaking employment or interacting
> with children on a regular basis, so that makes sense.
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