Thanks Craig for your time and effort of putting the rough minutes together.

All looks good to me.


2008/12/7 Craig Franklin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  Hi All,
> Our IRC meeting dragged out to two and a half hours, for anyone who wants
> to read over what was said, I have posted the IRC log here:
> (note that I was about ten minutes late, if anyone has the stuff that
> happened before I arrived, please add it to the top of the log)
> Basically, and strictly unofficially, the topics that were covered were:
> We have had 39 people apply for membership so far, roughly ten of whom are
> yet to pay their dues.  Most members have paid the full amount, only a small
> number have taken advantage of the concession membership.
> **
> It was established that there was no provision currently for corporate
> membership, and not for corporate sponsorship.  It was agreed that
> developing a policy concerning sponsorship (as opposed to membership) was
> probably something we should get to quickly, but that discussion on that
> should take place on the mailing list or at a later date.
> It was confirmed that all members of the chapter should have editing rights
> on the chapter wiki.  Accounts seem to be manually moderated (?).  You can
> apply at the following URL:
> There were some concerns about the contents of the members list being
> available.  It was established that it is required by law for this list to
> be available, however in order to see the list, you would have to actually
> apply in person to the secretary.  It is not possible to get a digital copy
> of the members list.  It was agreed that the chance of the information being
> leaked was minimal, and it was commented on that anyone concerned about the
> potential for the information to be misused is not being forced to join the
> chapter.  It was agreed that as most WM-au events are/will be open to all
> anyway, this should not stop people concerned about their privacy from
> working with the chapter and helping out.
> *AGM:*
> Fourteen days notice is required for the AGM.  It was agreed that getting
> it done before Christmas was unrealistic, January 11 was thrown about as a
> date that everyone seemed to agree to.  It was agreed that this date would
> need to be approved by the committee before being "official", and that the
> discussion we had was not in any way binding.
> There was discussion about what voting system to use for the ctte
> positions, whether it should be anonymous voting or open voting, and how it
> should be conducted.  It was suggested that it should be done through the
> memberdb system, with the results of that election to be confirmed by a vote
> at the AGM itself, but nothing solid was agreed upon.  Various discussions
> ensued on what the best locations in various cities would be, and the best
> way to run the meeting (I think it was more or less agreed that the way we
> did last time, with a party line/conference call and small meetings at each
> city, was the way to go).
> **
> There was discussion on the CC booklet (see Brianna's recent email thread
> to this list entitled "Announcement - publication with CCau").  Various
> titles were discussed, although we couldn't come up with something great.
> Editors who want to work on this project are encouraged to visit
> and indicate
> which sections they'd be interested in writing, or if they do not yet have
> an account there, contact Brianna to express an interest in whatever page/s
> they want to do.
> There was a brief discussion about the recent decision by the Australian
> Bureau of Statistics to release "a majority" of their material under a CC
> licence.  We had a discussion about how this could be used to improve our
> own coverage of subjects, and how we could use this decision to help
> persuade other government entities to similarly release material under an
> open licence.  See
>  ,
> for those who do not know what I am talking about.
> **
> After a long discussion, a general approach of having one person appointed
> in each state/region to approach the relevant education department to
> explain what WM-au is, what we do, and that we are happy to offer talks or
> whatever to teachers, was agreed upon.  A lengthy discussion about the
> legal requirements in each state for working with children, as well as the
> difference between each state education department, ensued.  It was more or
> less agreed by consensus that we should concentrate our attention upon
> educating teachers, rather than teaching students directly.
> We talked about holding a small mini-Wiki conference.  Those present seemed
> to agree that rotating it around multiple cities (rather than holding it in
> Sydney/Melbourne) every year was a good idea, Canberra was suggested as a
> good place to have the first such event, due to its central location,
> availability of venues, and dedicated editor community.
> -------
> I've probably missed or skipped something here (I reinforce that these are
> UNOFFICIAL observations on what happened), so if I've mischaracterised by
> mistake anything that was said, please feel free to correct me.
> Cheers,
> Craig

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