According to our Rules,

"The Secretary of the Association, at least 14 days, or if a special
resolution has been proposed at least 21 days, before the date fixed for
holding a general meeting of the Association, must cause to be sent to each
member of the Association, a notice stating the place, date and time of the
meeting and the nature of the business to be conducted at the meeting. [...]
No business other than that set out in the notice convening the meeting may
be conducted at the meeting. "


"A member intending to bring any business before a meeting may notify in
writing, or by electronic transmission, the Secretary of that business, who
must include that business in the notice calling the next general meeting."

Thus, if there is business you wish to bring to the AGM, I suggest you
inform me at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ASAP, because once the ctte sets
the date and the announcement goes out, business can't be added to the
agenda after that.

I don't expect much or any such business, of course most things make more
sense to just discuss informally or semi-formally.

FYI the agenda is being worked on here <

WMAU Secretary

They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:
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