I knew this was a rat-hole and the subsequent digest proved me to be
correct :-).

I'm now on the plus side of 60 and the lack of information when I was
young was a disaster.  So I view the idea of censoring the content as an

Please go read a book called "Harmful to
Minors" (http://www.upress.umn.edu/Books/L/levine_harmful.html) for the
US experience....  I hope Australia is doing better!

And see http://www.nvsh.nl/english/index.htm

The schools will manage it anyway - so why go in circles here.  Let's
promote WP for the great knowledge vehicle it is.



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> Hi all,
> just thinking out loud here - but following our brainstorming about
> beginning outreach work into schools, I wonder if there's any appetite on
> this list for discussion about Wikipedia's suitability in schools - and
> other peripheral issues which kinda surround the broohaha raging elsewhere

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