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Wikimedia Australia chapter report

Edition 2, November 2008

By Brianna Laugher, interim Secretary (blaugher at wikimedia dot org dot au)

    * 1 Introduction
    * 2 News in brief
    * 3 Meetups
          o 3.1 Past
          o 3.2 Upcoming
    * 4 Other events
          o 4.1 Past
          o 4.2 Upcoming
    * 5 Committee meeting minutes
    * 6 On the lists

Another busy month for WMAU. Last month we promised a website,
membership and an AGM. We managed to get two our of three and a few
other odds and sods besides. Hot topics of discussion have been
working with educators and museums.

==News in brief==
* An education mailing list was launched.
* Our official website was launched. Editing is limited to account
holders (which is limited to members).
** <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Wikimedia_Australia>
** <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Accounts>
* We are now open for members! As of 2008-21-15 we have 31 paid
members and 10 would-be members awaiting approval or receipt of
** http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Membership
* Wikimedia Australia received two donations (almost certainly as a
result of the WMF fundraiser). As a result we started a page
explaining how to donate and thanking donors.
** <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Donate>
** <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Thank_you>
* Wikimedia Australia is developing a joint publication with Creative
Commons Australia, to be launched at the Free as in Freedom LCA
** Announcement & discussion:
** <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Participatory_Culture_Primer>
* The AGM is planned for Sunday 10th January 2009 but it has not been
formally announced yet.

* Melbourne, 5 November "Wiki Wednesday" coinciding with LUV talk [no
report, see below]
* Sydney, 12 November "Wiki Wednesday",
** report by Liam:
* Perth, 29 November [no report]

* Sydney, 18 December:
* Everywhere :) 10 January: AGM (planned)

==Other events==
* Melbourne, 5 November, LUV meeting: "Hacking MediaWiki (For Users)"
talk, by Brianna.
** Video: 
* Melbourne, 24 November, Victoria IT Teachers Association (VITTA)
conference: "Wikipedia in schools: An unexplored potential" workshop
by Brianna.
** Report: 
* Sydney, 28 November, English Teachers Association conference: Liam
gave a workshop about using Wikipedia in the classroom.
** Report: 
** Slides: 

* Hobart, 20 January 2009: "Free as in Freedom" miniconf as part of
linux.conf.au, organised by Brianna.
<http://linux.conf.au/schedule/121/view_miniconf> One of the speakers
is Liam. Also, Angela is a keynote at the main conference.

==Committee meeting minutes==
* 2008-11-02 
* 2008-11-09 
* 2008-11-16 
* 2008-11-23 

==On the lists==
Full archive: 

* Adopting a language project
* Wikipedia Loves Art! Photo contest at the Powerhouse Museum
* Working on a WMAU brochure
* Corporate sponsorship/membership
* Legal restrictions on taking photographs in Australian Commonwealth
reserve areas
* WMAU activities and direction

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