A quick reminder that there’s just one more day (ok, two, cause we’re talking 
US time) for you to contribute to the annual CC fundraising campaign.

The CC CEO, Joi Ito, has just sent out his final message for the campaign. 
We’re currently about $12,000 short of the goal of $500,000 - which is pretty 
impressive considering the economic crisis, but still not so good for next 
year’s budget.

Your money will be supporting the liberation of the internet. Just read this 
year’s great Commoner Letters to see some of the great work CC does. Plus you 
get some really cool swag for donating - exclusive albums, T-shirts, laptop 
covers, stickers (oh yeah).

So for all of those who have been meaning to donate and have been to busy 
enjoying the Christmas cheer to get around to it - get your skates on.

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