Nominations closed yesterday and these are the received nominations:

President       Brianna Laugher         
Vice President  Liam Wyatt      
Vice President  Gideon Digby    
Treasurer       Brian Salter-Duke       
Secretary       Sarah Ewart     
Ordinary Member         John Vandenberg         
Ordinary Member         Nathan Carter   
Ordinary Member         Andrew Owens    

Candidate statements and nomination information is available at

This means we will hold a ballot for the position of Vice President
(1) and Ordinary Member (2).

We anticipate using memberdb to allow voting prior to the AGM. Using
memberdb you can change your vote during the voting period (you get an
email record sent to you). This should allow more members to
participate than if we require in-person attendance.

The voting period will likely be from Tuesday up to the AGM. I will
write to the members list to announce when voting opens.


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