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> Hi,
> Nominations closed yesterday and these are the received nominations:
> President       Brianna Laugher
> Vice President  Liam Wyatt
> Vice President  Gideon Digby
> Treasurer       Brian Salter-Duke
> Secretary       Sarah Ewart
> Ordinary Member         John Vandenberg
> Ordinary Member         Nathan Carter
> Ordinary Member         Andrew Owens
> Candidate statements and nomination information is available at
> <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/2008-2009_AGM>.
> This means we will hold a ballot for the position of Vice President
> (1) and Ordinary Member (2).
> We anticipate using memberdb to allow voting prior to the AGM. Using
> memberdb you can change your vote during the voting period (you get an
> email record sent to you). This should allow more members to
> participate than if we require in-person attendance.
> The voting period will likely be from Tuesday up to the AGM. I will
> write to the members list to announce when voting opens.
> thanks,
> Brianna

Should the VP candidates be included in the Ordinary Member election
too (if they want to) so the failing VP candidate may still be a
committee member if they get enough votes to be an Ordinary Member?
(Probably not for this election.)

Mark Hurd, B.Sc.(Ma.)(Hons.)

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