2009/1/5 Craig Franklin <cr...@halo-17.net>:
>> Should the VP candidates be included in the Ordinary Member election
>> too (if they want to) so the failing VP candidate may still be a
>> committee member if they get enough votes to be an Ordinary Member?
>> (Probably not for this election.)
>> --
>> Mark Hurd, B.Sc.(Ma.)(Hons.)
> I'd say that section 23(2) of the rules probably rules this out, namely "A
> candidate may only be nominated for one office, or as an ordinary member of
> the committee, prior to the annual general meeting."
> Also, I feel it would be a bit odd now that nominations have closed to
> change the way the election will be conducted.

Yes. I actually found this rule rather bizarre. I thought it was
normal to be able to nominate for multiple positions, in case you
don't get the first one.

This is something I think we should consider changing, at some point.
Now that we have some experience using our Rules we know a bit better
which of them need some tweaking.


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