The rules appear to be quite clear that a candidate may only be 
/nominated/ for one office or as an ordinary member. However, these 
rules are probably drafted with the style of meeting in mind where all 
the members sit in one room, and in order vote for president, then 
vice-president, then ... then ordinary member. The quoted rule doesn't 
say (maybe some other part does) whether the unsuccessful candidates for 
the named offices can also be /considered /(voted on) for positions as 
ordinary members, as it could already be known whether they were elected 
as president before the vice-president and ordinary member votes are 
held. I'd guess the intent is to ensure that a single person can't 
accidentally be /elected/ to more than one office.

I toss the above in to the conversation as another possible 
interpretation, and duck back into my hole for cover :-)

In support of the current interpretation of the rule, I note that 
unsuccessful candidates for mayor end up not sitting on the city 
council. They aren't considered as councillors if they're unsuccessful 
at becoming mayor.


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