Hi all,

There's been much discussion about the upcoming 'Wikipedia Loves Art'
project on the Australian Wikimedians mailing list, and elsewhere on the
various projects - the project is a sort of 'scavenger hunt' for images (and
maybe video?!) which will be used to illustrate articles on Wikipedia, and
the idea is partly to try to facilitate / encourage people who haven't
contributed images before to give it a go, in a fun spirit of international
collaboration (and yeah - a bit of competition!).

Personally, I've found the international takeup of the project particularly
exciting - it's really shaping up to be a truly awesome collaborative
project, and tons of fun! The institutions currently involved include the
Brooklyn Museum, The LA County Museum of Art, and The Victoria and Albert
museum - with support from Wikimedia volunteer groups in each location.

I'm certainly looking forwad to taking part in the project, and I'm hoping
that The Powerhouse Museum might be interested in getting on board, maybe by
spreading the word through the 'flickr' community, or in any way it might be
able to! - In particular, people who don't currently contribute to 'free
content' in general, or 'wiki' projects specifically may find this is a fun
opportunity to learn a litttle about how to get involved. You can find out a
bit more at these 'project' web pages;


...you can also flick me, or this
<wikimediaau-l@lists.wikimedia.org>friendly mailing list, an email if
you have any more questions (and feel
free to forward this message mercilessly too!) - I'm aware that many
recipients of this message won't be based in Sydney, but don't feel
excluded! You can still certainly be a part of this exciting project
anywhere :-)

best wishes,

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