Well done Peter and Liam. This looks promising and I can't wait to see
it happen.

2009/1/13 Liam Wyatt <liamwy...@gmail.com>:
> Dear All,
> Today user:PrivateMusings and myself had a meeting with Seb Chan of the
> [[Powerhouse Museum]] here in Sydney.
> As a result of this meeting I can confirm that they are inviting us to take
> part in the first of what I hope will be a series of events across Sydney,
> Australia and the World - the "Backstage Pass" tour. This idea is being
> piloted by Sydney Wikipedians and hopefully will extend as far as other
> local groups of Wikipedians worldwide - wherever there are things to see,
> there is a backstage pass tour to be had...
> The idea is simple:
> An institution/company/group gives a group of local Wiki-folk a special,
> free, tour of their facility/building/collection/etc. In reciprocation, we
> sit down with the people who gave the tour and, with their input, improve
> Wikipedia/Commons content about things relevant to what was seen on the
> tour.
> This is "reciprocal outreach" - the institution can share with local people
> what they know/have whilst the Wikimedians can use their expertise to
> facilitate the knowledge reaching a global audience. At the same time it
> helps increase awareness of what Wikipedia *is*, and how to help out.
> I've placed the preliminary information about the plan so far for the pilot
> event on the Wikimedia-Australia Wiki. Please have a look and add comments
> if you'd like more details about certain aspects:
> http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Backstage_pass
> The 2 principal outstanding issues are:
> 1) The timing. The Powerhouse would prefer a weekday, so in order to get the
> most possible availabilities I propose Friday as the weekday most people can
> be free. The preference is for early February. Please comment on the wiki
> page about this.
> 2) The attendance. They can only take 20 people. As there needs to be 1
> curator per 10 people in the non-public areas and they will be providing 2
> curators = max.20 people. I suggest that paid-up members of WM-AU be given
> preference by way of encouraging membership. But nevertheless, it would be
> strongly advisable if we headhunt good content writers (rather than just
> "gnomes" like myself) to come along even if they're not WM-AU members (yet).
> There's also a little "One More Thing" on the wiki page as well... basically
> - if this goes well there are many more possible activities that Powerhouse
> is interested in throwing our way. Potentially including event tickets. :-)
> So - TA DA!
> - Liam
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