> > 2) The attendance. They can only take 20 people. As there needs to be 1
> > curator per 10 people in the non-public areas and they will be providing 2
> > curators = max.20 people. I suggest that paid-up members of WM-AU be given
> > preference by way of encouraging membership. But nevertheless, it would be
> > strongly advisable if we headhunt good content writers (rather than just
> > "gnomes" like myself) to come along even if they're not WM-AU members (yet).
> Thanks for your work in organising this.

Kudos for getting this to happen!

> How can we attract people who
> don't usually come to meetups? I expect embarrassingly few will turn
> up if we can't do this.

Yes, my concern too. Thoughts on how to increase turn-out:

== Tell them ==
* We spam everyone in
, all ~231 of them, via their talk page, notifying them about this event
for Wikipedians in Sydney, and we invite them to bring extra people
* Put it on the Australian Wikipedian's noticeboard.

Let's assume that gets us 7 people.

== Outreach to related communities ==

There are plenty of people that are likely to be interested in this
and/or sympathetic to the aim, many of whom are not on this mailing list
or in Category:Wikipedians_in_Sydney.

* We tell flickr people, and ask for their expertise with taking
excellent photos. I have no idea how to reach flickr people in Sydney.
Do they congregate somewhere / hang out somewhere / have a mailing list?
* As above for Creative Commons people?
* We tell Linux people - I can blog about it and get it on Planet Slug
( http://planet.slug.org.au/ ), it could also go on Linux Australia's
planet ( http://planet.linux.org.au/ )  [would need to ask for them to
pick up a feed].
* Teachers who are teaching the wikipedia module? To give them a dry run
before school starts with editing and collaboration? Or a class that's
taking this module (has it started yet?)
* Anyone else we're missing? 

Let's assume we do the above, and that gets us 7 more people.

== Maybe add a sweetener? ==

The sweetener doesn't have to be huge or cost a lot, but some sweeteners
that have worked in the past are:
* Come to this meetup and <sweetner>say hi to Jimbo</sweetner> got ~20
* Come to wiki wednesday, discuss wikis, and <sweetner>drink some free
beer and eat some free pizza</sweetner>, gets about 35 people.

I don't know what might work... coke and pizza? wikipedia stickers?
lamingtons! :-) We don't have to do it, and if we do then whatever it
is, it should definitely be inexpensive and be something that encourages

Let's assume that gets us 6 more people.

== Exclusivity ==

People like most the things that are hard or impossible to get - so we
emphasise the private-tour backstage-pass element of this, we emphasise
that this has never been done like this before, and we emphasise that
it's first-come first-serve, and we emphasise that if you're too late to
sign up then **tough luck!**

Let's assume we do the above, and that gets us 7 more people.

== Overbooking ==

Airlines do it regularly (5 to 15% over capacity), and you have to pay
for seats, and _still_ people don't turn up. How many people are going
to sign up for something that's free and then not go on the day? So
maybe we over-book - we say we have 25 places, or maybe even 30 places,
when really we have 20. 

Let's assume we lose 7 people on the day due to slackness or inertia.

So basically even if we do all of the above, we'll probably get about 7
+7+6+7-7 = 20 people.

That's my guess anyway.

> My vote is for the 27th.

Me too - personal order of preference is the 27th, then 13th, then 20th,
and can't do the 6th.

-- All the best,

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