Yes. And, I really don't think we'll have too much trouble filling 20 spots
for this event.

So, the "roll-out" plan seems to be (correct me if I'm wrong):

1) People who are WM-AU members sign up to the list on WM-AU wiki noting
their preferred dates. I've already added a couple of other names that have
expressed interest to me personally.

2) We fix a date, in collaboration with the Powerhouse who of course have to
book up their staff. At this point we move the information and signup page
over from WM-AU to Wikipedia.

3) Depending on the number of available spots left we: headhunt specific
Sydney Wikipedians on the Sydney-WIkipedian's category (a "ask your friends"
approach); We spam on the talkpages of those listed in the
sydney-wikipedian's category; We advertise in the Wikiproject Australia
noticeboard (and/or similar).

This *should* hit the right note of "exclusivity" (without being
exclusionary) and publication. With the follow-up events that Powerhouse
wish to run - out to their storage facility - their is less of a constraint
so the publicity from the first should hopefully spill over to getting
broader attendance at the second.

On another note, if someone is interested and good at illustrations (I'm
not!) would they like to make the "backstage pass" programme logo? Mind -
this is not for the powerhouse event, but for the whole concept and could be
used for any subsequent event. I was thinking something based on this image:
* **

*All the best,
[[user:witty lama]]

On 1/14/09, Lloyd Nguyen <> wrote:
> If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, I believe
> that the mixed reaction came when an additional round of notifications
> on their talk page was done indiscriminately, on their own volition.
> Before that, there was a round of personal emails to people who were
> personally supporting WM-AU, and/or were active, and there weren't any
> problems. So I think as long as we know what'd going on with doing the
> contacting, there shouldn't be a problem.
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