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Picture Australia is interested in adding Commons photos to their service
but has several technical issues they would like to resolve first. Can we

Picture Australia is an archive aggregation service run by the National
Library of Australia and aggregates searches across many Australian
institutions (such as the various state libraries, universities, government
departments) and also Flickr. You can see the project at and you can see their other
contributors at

This is a quote from the email written to me from PA:
At the moment our main source of contemporary images is Flickr and we are
interested in investigating other sources of contemporary images.  There are
a few issues with the Wikimedia Commons that we foresee:
1- the metadata quality is highly variable.  With Flickr contributors are
able to provide a fair bit of additional metadata about their images.
Before  pulling images in from Wikipedia we'd need the data to adhere to
some basic standards.  (see
2- there are certainly a number of images that have been sourced from
Picture Australia or our contributors.  Pulling these in would create an
issue with duplicate images and would likely confuse users if they were
attempting to buy a copy.
3- Wikipedia doesn't have an OAI interface so we would need to look at how
to ingest the data.

I would add a 4th concern, and I'm not sure if this is a big problem or
easily fixed, is that most of the pictures on Commons are not relevant to
PA. Would we be able to provide a feed of only the relevant categories?

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- Liam Wyatt

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