Brianna (president of WM-Australia) and myself (Vice) are currently sitting in the middle of this conference:
We spoke yesterday on how Wikimedia (specifically Commons and Wikipedia) are reacting to and affecting copyright law. From what we heard last night at the conference dinner many people were quite impressed. This was especially so for our discussion of how we deal with deletion requests in Commons - Generally speaking people are not aware that we really do care about copyright compliance. And now they are...

Several people attending this conference - including a couple from Creative Commons Australia - will be coming along to the meetup tonight. So I really encourage everyone who can to come along and have a drink and a chat tonight. Not only can we 'get our copyright on' but we can talk about how the recent Chapters conference in Berlin went (at which Brianna, myself, Angela and Tim were in attendance).

See you all there!

On 17/04/2009, at 9:18 AM, Angela wrote:

Just a reminder that the Sydney meetup is today. Sydney#meetup_1:_Friday_17th_April

Hope to see you all at The Belgian Beer Cafe at 6. :)


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