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> see
> http://www.smh.com.au/news/home/technology/parents-warned-of-wikiporn-risk/2009/05/23/1242498976065.html
> Unfortunately it's not a good news one, dealing with 'Wikiporn risk' - but I
> think a 'well done' to brianna for sounding wise and sensible in a difficult
> situation is due :-)

Thanks, although this is just a completely bog-standard vandalism
story (with a local angle, and some unrelated internet filtering news
tacked on the end). I was actually told that parents/students had been
told by the school/teachers to use Wikipedia - which I was naturally
surprised to hear - although this story says the opposite.

And for the record I said I could *not* speak on behalf of
"Wikipedia", and I'm sure I would have said that readers needed to be
able to critically evaluate what they are reading, not just be
informed about the pitfalls. But I'll chalk those bits up to the power
of the soundbite. :)


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