found myself nodding furiously at Pengo's first post :-)

@nickj - it sound to me that you have the appropriate technical know how to
implement the 'open editing once you've confirmed your email' approach which
this thread seems to be moving towards - would you be prepared to make the
appropriate necessary technical changes, given the appropriate access?

@brianna / other committee types reading - would you mind nick having said
access, and making said changes? I think it'd be most helpful :-)

it'd be very cool to move towards resolving this one in reasonably short
order :-)



On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 12:41 PM, K. Peachey <> wrote:

> > If spam is the main reason to have accounts, would using a CAPTCHA for
> > non-confirmed accounts help? (is that a simple option in Mediawiki?)
> > Otherwise I'd recommend nothing more restrictive than "confirm email
> address
> > to edit"
> > Peter Halasz
> > [[User:Pengo]]
> I believe, although maybe wrong but its part of the core until a user
> is autoconfirmed.
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