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On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 8:21 PM, Brianna Laugher

> Hi all,
> I'm happy to say that Wikimedia Australia is going to embark on its
> first projects-based 'event' - an "editors' challenge" (light-hearted
> editing competition) with the theme of "Australian GLAM". The aim is
> to improve the coverage and quality of Australian GLAM-related topics
> across the projects.
> <>
> The plan is to hold it over the week of July 13-19th which is still
> about 4 weeks away. Any registered user will be able to take part.
> At this point I'm looking to appoint someone to be the coordinator for
> the event.  The coordinator's responsibilities would be to raise
> awareness of the event in the lead-up, answer onwiki queries, and then
> check submissions for validity. Maybe also help gather prizes. The
> coordinator will get help from the committee, especially me and Liam,
> if they need it, but we won't be running the show. If we can't appoint
> a coordinator I don't think it will run.
> The judges will likely consist of the coordinator, a WMAU ctte member
> and someone from a GLAM instutition. The judges would choose the
> winning entrants (according to how many prizes there are) and choose a
> title for each award (like "Most impressive expansion of an existing
> article"... or maybe something more interesting-sounding!).
> If you are interested in coordinating the GLAM Challenge, please reply
> to me OFF-LIST within the next week or so. You don't have to have done
> any kind of organising before, but a strong familiarity with the norms
> of the Wikimedia projects would be a good idea. :)
> If you have any thoughts about the event itself feel free to edit the
> wiki page or shoot a line back here.
> cheers,
> Brianna
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