I think there is a lot of scope for work we can do with the education
sector. There is also some funding coming up/available that I would
like to see us apply for.

One immediate problem I see is the lack of a concrete partner. Are we
talking about hosting an open kind of event like GLAM-WIKI, where we
essentially invite anyone and everyone interested to attend,
essentially a conference? Then that is an awful lot of work to
organise and I don't see that happening by September.

Are we talking about going into a single school, perhaps inviting
teachers from the surrounding regions to also attend? Then who is our
specific partner that will sign on there?

What about "going where the teachers are"? Teachers and educators
actually have an awful lot of tech infrastructure set up already . My
guess is that we can have more impact by going to them rather than
dragging them to us.
e.g. the me.edu.au networks:

That also applies to conferences. What if we piggybacked on an existing event?
Either by formally asking the organisers to be part of their event, or
just collocating in time and place.

How can we build up our internal strength in the area of public
speaking for these kinds of events? I am afraid we are at risk of
leaning on the same people constantly. Are people just not interested
in speaking about Wikipedia et al? Or are they interested but not sure
what to say, how to say it?

I also agree with Andrew's comment that we have a number of
edu-focused people among us already and we should make sure we are
getting their input before looking further afield.


2009/6/20 private musings <thepmacco...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I just created this page;
> http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Schools
> with the intention of encouraging all those interested in liaising with
> educators / schools directly to jump in and whip up a few project pages
> formalising what we might do / info. we can share etc. etc. (it's a wiki
> process, of course, so please get involved!)
> Liam's a constant source of inspiration to me, and I've recently been
> involved in correspondance with a few other wiki folk all over the globe
> about furthering the 'glam' approach to include schools - ie. talking with
> them about what schools' needs for wiki projects are, how we're currently
> doing at meeting them, how we as a project (wikimedia, not just wikipedia)
> fit in to their programmes etc.
> I've spoken at medium length to one head teacher and one head of department
> on a personal level which has further convinced me that it would be both fun
> and useful for a cadre of volunteers to consider preparing a few talks /
> workshops etc. etc. to take to schools in the vicinity of wherever
> volunteers happen to be! - This project is intended to get that ball rolling
> :-)
> Whilst the mailing list is a fantastic platform for sharing news - it's
> probably not quite as good as a wiki for actual development work, so please
> consider just diving in at http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Schools or
> http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Talk:Schools - my vague, and quite likely to
> shift, intention is for this to be in shape to follow 'GLAM' - so we'd be
> looking offer some workshops to schools by September... help!
> best,
> Peter,
> PM.
> ps. an online donation service would still be a 'good thing' :-)
> pps. I'd like to offer teachers the opportunity to edit the wmau pages
> related to schools work - would that be cool?
> ppps. I also just put the fantastic wikisource book
> http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_specimen_of_the_botany_of_New_Holland as our
> 'featured content' - check it out!
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