As you may recall, a bunch of Wikimedians visited the Powerhouse Museum in
Sydney a few months back for a "Backstage Pass" tour of their collection.
With that tour as a significant impetus, the museums instituted (mixed)
Creative Commons licensing on their entire collection
So, now that we have Creative-Commons licensing on Wikipedia - we can go
ahead and copy/paste the applicable sections of text into Wikipedia as long
as we link back to their collection noting that the text is not just
referenced from there but actually copied from there (this is the difference
between citation and attribution).

Specifically, can I point you to the Powerhouse's blog for today which is
all about their keynote object - the Boulton & Watt steam engine. Note, that
the first two links in their blogpost are to Wikipedia and the second of
these is to the Wikipedia article that we
the day of the Backstage Pass (and has since been a DYK on the
frontpage). Everyone likes a bit of link-love!

Can I also point you to the list of "Things to do" that came out of that
day's tour.
Have a trawl through there and see if you can find some good content that
can be brought across to Wikipedia into relevant articles (or create new
articles) with attribution. Note, the PHM is currently reviewing their
copyright/access policy for their collections' images so these currently
remain out-of-bounds. As do the sections of their collection record text
labeled with the creative commons non-commercial license (the "statement of
significance", "production notes" and "history notes" sections). These are
the real jewel in the crown of the PHM's collection records and for that
reason they're listed as NC licensed - fair enough. So, it's up to us to
demonstrate what a good job we have made of using the sections of text they
have allowed out under CC-By-SA, to provide the argument to justify any
further release.

Finally, if you're the kind of person who is interested in this kind of
thing then you're the kind of person who'd be interested in attending
GLAM-WIKI. We'd love to see you there! The
Powerhouse will be there talking about their experiences with us and with
Flickr Commons and you should too :-)

-Liam [[witty lama]]
Peace, love & metadata
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