Hi all,

Something we may want to consider being involved in (although probably
not for a while... since this is very early stages).

I suggested a name change (as there is already a crowd called
Australian Digital Alliance) but otherwise I think the formation of a
body to represent tech users is an excellent idea, and well overdue.


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From: Donna Benjamin <do...@cc.com.au>
Date: 2009/8/17
Subject: Forming a digital tech users peak body
To: Luv Main <luv-m...@luv.asn.au>
Cc: Keith Younger <presid...@melbpc.org.au>, President AUSOM

Hi all!

Melbourne PC User Group (MelbPC) and AUSOM Inc (Apple Users Society of
Melbourne) have developed a proposal to form a national peak
organisation (tentatively called Australian Digital) which would
represent the views of digital technology users to government.

A minimum of five individual member organisations are required to form
the peak body. Once formed, it will apply to be incorporated.

Linux Users of Victoria has been invited to be a founding member of
Australian Digital.

A motion to agree to participate will be tabled at the AGM for members
to vote on. I invite discussion on list or comments off list from LUV
members in the lead up to the AGM.

The need for such a group was identified when MelbPC's submission to the
Australian Government was knocked back because 'the Government only
deals with peak organisations, not individual user groups'.

For the digital technology user community, the only way to have a voice
on important developments affecting users is by forming a peak
organisation. The idea is that an incorporated organisation should be
formed of individual user groups across the digital technology spectrum

The main aspects of the proposal are:
 * It would be a national body;
 * Its primary purpose would be to lobby government (Australian and
 * A subsidiary purpose would be as a media spokesperson for all
digital technology users;
 * It would have the legal corporate structure of an incorporated
 * It would need a 'home'; MelbPC has suitable premises at Chadstone,
 * The issues that a peak body would have on its agenda at present are
the national broadband network and internet filtering;
 * There is no concept of amalgamating organisations. Individual member
organisations would completely retain their independence and autonomy.

Donna Benjamin
Linux Users of Victoria

They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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