Good luck in South America to all! Glad to see that Australia is sending
such a hugely capable group as our ambassadors, and the topics all sound
mighty interesting. Maybe also try and suss out the general
vibe/responses/comments for a 2011 wikimania bid for Australia?

> Angela is running a discussion session on MediaWiki usability.

Wow, now that's a can of worms! ... from the discussions about GUI
editors, to where the [edit] link should be, to how over-cluttered the
monobook skin is with links above of and to the left of the main content
area, this is a big topic with lots of scope for improvement, and
(hopefully) any gains in this area lead to wider adoption of wikis in
general and more active contributors for wikipedia specifically.

-- All the best,

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Hi folks,

As you may or may not be aware, Wikimania is almost upon us!

Here is the Australian representation AFAIK:
* me - I'm running a panel on chapters, and trying to organise a
chapters meeting
* Liam - he's on two panels (one on free culture & chapters, and
another about reporting on the Wikimedia community), as well as
presenting the findings from GLAM-WIKI - "Wikimedia & Museums - why we
need each other and what we can do about it"
* Andrew Garrett & Tim Starling with both be taking part in the
Codeathon I imagine
* Angela is running a discussion session on MediaWiki usability.

...and I think that's it...


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