Just a quick reminder that there's a Sydney meetup tonight (in approx 2
hours) at 6:30 PM at "Max Brenner's" (which apparently is a café chain
specialising in chocolate - chocolate drinks, chocolate deserts,
basically if it's dripping with/coated with/oozing chocolate then they
probably do it). Location is the corner Margaret and George streets,
within a short walk from Wynyard station, and the shop address is: Shop
MG 24, Metcentre, 273 George Street NSW 2000, store phone Number: +61 2
9251 7788. I don't know if there's savoury food available in shops
nearby, but presumably there will be somewhere nearby for people that
would like a dinner that's not entirely made of chocolate :-)

Link for more info:

Hope to see anyone that can make it tonight!

P.s. If privatemusings is late again, then he's agreed that "the night
will be on him" - woohoo, thanks PM!!

-- All the best,

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