Thanks Craig,


I can only point out that Kate will be presenting a Lot of recommendations
coming out of her public sphere feedback, to Kim Carr, (in Dec I think).


Nic. over at  the gov2 taskforce is doing the same to Lindsay Tanner, from
an "inside the public service" perspective. ( i think about the same time)


And there will be more meetings between COAG and a number of inter-agency
committees (can't remember them all) to consider the federal/state
collaboration in this space. 

It just seems that a petition would be another, more definite, way for the
government to get to the heart of opening gov databases, and using them as
education resources. 


Kate's doing her best at the Senate Committee for the NBN. But that's to do
with the infrastructure. 

I think you'll find, if you put a wikipetition up and invited people to sign
it, she'd be amongst the first to sign.

And it would give the petitions committee some idea of how they could use a
wiki to go electronic.



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