Hi all,


Just a heads-up that yesterday I recorded an interview with Scott Mayman of
ABC Radio, where we talked about the Bert Roberts photo collection, free
licensing, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikipedia.  The interview will be
broadcast on Scott's "Afternoon Chillout" programme next week, most probably
on Friday.  People on the Gold Coast can listen on 91.7FM, and on the
Sunshine Coast can listen on 90.3FM.  We spoke for fifteen minutes about
various things, but the interview will be edited down to around five minutes
for actual broadcast, so I don't know what topics will actually make it onto
the air.  Nevertheless, if you're in the area, and want to hear me talk
about Edwardian-era Ipswich, flagged revisions, and the free culture
movement in general, please tune in!



Craig (who is glad that his first on air radio experience is over with!)

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