> Would this be a good way to empower more local activities around the
> country?

What if there was a "national meetup day" for Australia, when we got a
banner displayed on the Wikimedia sites for any Australian IP addresses,
that told people about their nearest meetup? And then we'd have a meetup
on the same day across the country in every city/town where someone was
willing to put their hand up and say "I'll be there". Then the locals
could meet, have a chat and a beer/coffee/whatever, and if people wanted
they could let other people know about Wikimedia Australia (what it is,
what we do, how to join, etc).

Would that not be a good way to encourage participation and raise
awareness, even (and especially) outside of the twin evil show-pony
lime-light-hogging south-eastern sin cities? ;)

> In fact, I don't even think that Sydney should be lumped in with
> Sydney when talking about chapter activity in the last year

I have to agree! The main reason any events happen or happened in Sydney
was because keen go-getter people (e.g. Liam / PM / Angela) picked a
time/organised them/told people about them/etc, off their own bat and of
their own free will. I.e. the lesson is if you want things to happen in
your area, you either need to make them happen yourself, or be fortunate
enough to have other people who'll make them happen living nearby.

-- All the best,

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