My impression was very positive - I think it's a great way for the committee
to "tap into" what the rest of the membership are thinking.  If I could
suggest one improvement (not sure if it's possible given the software), it
would be to have two phases; a brainstorming phase followed by a voting
phase.  I note that most of the top-rating ideas were ones that were posted
early on, whereas the later ones didn't get as many votes, perhaps because
not as many people saw them.

Even if that can't be done now though, I still think that the tool in its
current configuration is very useful and I'd be happy to see it used again.


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Hi all,

Thanks to those who participated in the IdeaScale brainstorming by
voting. Thanks especially to Angela, ConMan, Adza, Craig, PM and
Andrew for writing up their ideas.

The final tallies are

110 - Create information kit to enable people to do outreach

52 - Create Wikimedia-based lesson plans for K-12 teachers to use

45 - Improve the hosting of

42 - Bid for Wikimania

41 - open up the official wiki......goodness is sure to follow!

27 - Use geo-sitenotices

24 - Develop outreach "best practices"

21 - Chapter blog and/or twitter feed

20 - Rules reform to allow more flexible office-holder arrangements

18 - Create "small grants" scheme to supper small member initiatives

15 - Audit of Australian content on WP and Commons

9 - Review reports from other chapters for ideas

8 - Get a professional marketing plan to convince GLAMs about benefit
of free culture collaboration

1 - Different strokes

The committee planning meeting is this weekend and we will use the
input from this in our decisions.

For those who used IdeaScale, what did you think of it? Would you use
it again, or something else?


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