My hope is that that's just a sign of them not understanding the system yet, 
and so being cautious.

They've said they're going to do a complete review of their copyright material 
and the CC licences and then work out the default.

My hope is that they'll go pretty broad - CC BY is emerging as the standard 
government licence in Australia, and they cite the Venturous Australia and Gov 
2.0 papers favourably - both of which recommend 'broad' licences - as well as 
the ABS, which uses CC BY.

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Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 08:59:53 +0000
From: David Gerard <>
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaau-l] The Victorian Government commits to CC
        licensing as its default
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On 4 February 2010 07:48, Jessica Coates <> wrote:

> The commitment is part of the Government's response to its Economic
> Development and Infrastructure Committee?s Inquiry into Improving Access to
> Victorian Public Sector Information and Data, which recommended that the
> Victorian Government adopt a ?hybrid public sector information licensing
> model comprising Creative Commons and a tailored suite of licences for
> restricted materials.?

Excellent! So, for Wikimedia interest - how much of this will be under
CC licenses that are actually proper free content licenses?

> Specifically, the response (which is under CC BY-NC-ND)

See, that's not the most reassuring start ...

- d.

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