Incidentally, to add some content to my earlier post, here is the
government's official response to the recommendations (which got chopped out
of John's email):

As Jessica pointed out, 6.3 is a particularly appealing point, but I'm less
enamoured with their response to 6.7, which essentially says that each
agency gets to choose a licence, which might lead to the more restrictive CC
licences being used (ie: the various -NC options).

Still, this is a massive step in the right direction, so let's hope this
gets up legislatively speaking before the next election.


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What can I say, this is absolutely awesome!

Will this take effect retroactively, or will it only be new stuff that's
CC-BY?  Either way, it's a tremendous step forward!

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Woo hoo!

This is fantastic news.  A big thank you to all involved.

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Big news from the Australian Government on the issue of access to
public sector information.

In an official response released yesterday, the Federal Government has
agreed to 12 of the 13 recommendations to come out of the Government
2.0 Taskforce report released last December – including Recommendation
6.3, which states that Creative Commons Attribution should be the
default licensing position for PSI.

In addition, the government has also agreed that the new Information
Commissioner currently being established will issue guidelines to
ensure that:

§    by default PSI is free, open, and reusable;

§    PSI is released as quickly as possible;

§    PSI may only be withheld where there is a legal obligation
preventing its release.

§    when Commonwealth records become available for public access
under the Archives Act 1983, works covered by Crown copyright will be
automatically licensed under an appropriate open attribution licence.

The response also includes an undertaking that the Attorney-General’s
Department will examine the current state of copyright law with regard
to orphan works (including section 200AB of the Copyright Act 1968),
with the aim of recommending amendments that would remove the
practical restrictions that currently impede the use of such works.

This is the single biggest commitment to CC licensing and open access
principles by Australian government, and should mean that the majority
of Australian government material will soon be available under a CC
licence. The fact that both the response and the announcement have
been released under CC BY is a good start.

The assignment of responsibility for implementation of the commitment
to the new Information Commissioner is also an encouraging move, and
will hopefully see a more coordinated approach to IP policy across the
Australian government as a whole.

The response is available here and a blog post from Finance Minister
Tanner is available here.

Jessica Coates

Project Manager

Creative Commons Clinic and Creative Commons Australia

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