This is just a reminder. :)  We'd love to see more people attend.

*RecentChangesCamp* is an
conference <> on online
collaborative practices centered around
RCC follows an open space<>
unconference <> model. The main
characteristics are that it is free to attend and self-organized by having a
program determined on the day by attendees, with the aid of a facilitator.
The aim of this event is to draw together interested people regardless of
level of use of wiki and online collaborative spaces, to discuss, question
and share knowledge in a friendly face to face setting.

For catering and information purposes, please
interest in this event.

   - Recent Changes Camp
   - 10am - 5pm, Wednesday 11 August. 2010
   - University of Canberra, Building 7, Level C, Room 7XC37
   - Contact 
   - Tags: #RCC and #UCRCC

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 To the University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is located in Bruce, ACT. To get there via bus,
you get off at the University of Canberra (College Street) stop. The
following weekday routes serve the University of Canberra: 3, 7, 30, 31, 56,
58, 59, 73, 74, Intertown, 300, 312, 313, 314, 315, 318, 319.

The University of Canberra is easily accessible by bicycle. Bicycle paths
can be found here <>. The easiest way
is to look for signs to Belconnen Town Centre. Cross the little wooden
bridge going away from the mall, continue straight past the aquatic center
and college, continue under the underpass, past the student housing and you
will arrive in the centre of campus. There are a number of bike racks
To Canberra

CountryLink (train) <>, Murray's Coaches
(bus) <>, and Greyhound
Australia(bus)<>all serve Canberra. You
can also fly into Canberra. From the airport, there
is coach service into the city centre.

Laura Hale
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