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> G'day all,
> Australia is not currently represented in the 'planned events' bit -
> although there's one rather lonely attendee signed up here;
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Wikipedia_Day
> Are you interested in coming to a planned event?

If it was in Sydney or Canberra, no problem.  I'd be interested in
attending.  Melbourne would probably be a maybe.  (If I could get a cheap
train ticket... and a place to stay.)

> Would you apply for a transport / expense covering grant to such
> an event if the committee supported such a notion (and of course had
> the funds to cover it!)?

If it was in Sydney, I'd apply if I could.  I am not below begging for rides
to and from places.  (Cheap enough to get the Greyhound bus to Sydney but
then no idea how to get around and I'd need a place to stay.)  Any offset or
help with wiki camping would be nice.

> Obviously time is rather against us, but with
> some nimble feet we could get something organised - and who doesn't
> love a 10th birthday party!

I can get us the space for it at the University of Canberra if no one else
wants to host it, even if it is just in my department's offices. :)

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