Thanks for your replies Peter and Adam.

I think WMAU needs to be a lot more open --- this discussion about
having a closed / open wiki has been going on for a long time.

When WMAU first started I sent an anonymous donation of $50 by check....
I did not want to fill out all the details to be a 'member'.  It was too
complex... I have no idea what it is like now.

Ideas as to spending the unearned income / windfall:

1) Sponsor people / efforts to open up government information sources.

2) Fight restrictive copyright.

3) Sponsor cheap / free / guerrilla marketing of WP.

4) Deliver 'Briefing on WP' material / presentations to schools.

5) Give support grants to PHD candidates who agree to add their
expertise to WP.  Limit to one year... Reward actual contributors with
more grants to support their PHD study.

Regards, Richard.

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> Peter's reply is pretty accurate. :) I'd add, it isn't because of what
> we've done - the change is, as far as I understand, driven by the
> Foundation's wish to move more responsibility to the Chapters to focus
> on grassroots outreach. So a major part of the developing role of WMAU
> is to focus on reaching new people and assisting them to produce free
> cultural content, in whatever form that may take. This, of course,
> means scaling up dramatically, so a lot of current focus is on getting
> policies and procedures in place to allow the Chapter to scale without
> encountering the fundamental problems you tend to hit.
> Anyway, I would like to echo Peter's suggestion of more ideas. :) 

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