Hi all,

Following some discussion on the members' list, and other chats I've
had with people recently, I thought I'd signal my intent to try and
work on a couple of proposal ideas. For those following current
proposals carefully, I have one 'on the table' concerning 'Personal
Wiki Tools' - I'm reaching out to some developer types about this one,
and hope to have progress and a timescale by the end of April. Whilst
I'm waiting, I thought moving these ideas forward might be helpful

Proposal 1) - To begin the establishment of a 'Bounty Board' - wherby
funds can be offered by Wikimedia Australia in return for specific
achievements. This came partly out of this previous idea;
- relating to development of OpenDocument support - my idea is really
just to attempt to codify how we approach bounties in general, and
perhaps establish criteria for how we assess whether or not we wish to
offer a bounty in a particular area.

Hopefully some of the people with ideas / questions about our
processes (see some previous threads on the members' list) might have
time and energy to get involved to create a workable framework both
for the OpenDocument bounties, and bounties in other areas..... which
leads me nicely on to Proposal 2);

Prop. 2) - To offer some specific bounties in the area of sound and
video recording, with a particular focus on alignment with standard,
popular assessment criteria. Basically, should Prop. 1 above progress,
I'd like to offer some bounties to produce sound / video recordings of
appropriate copyleft material contained within the AMEB syllabus'
(syllabi?) - following a close examination of copyright status' etc.,
and ideally in partnership with appropriately credentialed individuals
and organisations, bounties could be offered, for example, for a
reasonable quality sound recording of Scales and Arpeggios on various
instruments - youtube currently has lots of examples of this (
http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ameb ) but freely licensed
examples would have both value to the existing wmf projects, as well
as great utility for reuse as works of free culture.

There's plenty more detail to put on the bone, but this is in
particular a call to anyone who might be interested in working in a
wiki space on developing these ideas - if you're willing to 'second'
then we can open a page on the official wiki and get going :-)



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